The Penniless Debutante

“The Penniless Debutante was romantic, engaging and completely heartwarming. Another gorgeous book by Janice Preston, I loved it!” – Rae Reads Book Blog

The Penniless Debutante is book 3 of the Lady Tregowan’s Will mini-series, but it is a standalone read – as are all my books.

Here are both the Mills & Boon and Harlequin covers – I think in this case, I prefer the Harlequin cover as it shows more of Aurelia’s lovely outfit!

So, we reach the third and final part of the Lady Tregowan’s Will miniseries with the tale of Aurelia, and how her life changes for the better when she inherits her share of Lady Tregowan’s legacy. As I write this I’m hoping against hope that my readers enjoy reading about Aurelia and Max and their happy ever after – as well as catching up with Leah and Dolph, and Beatrice and Jack. I know I’ve loved writing the trilogy, and interweaving the three girls’ stories – even if Aurelia, in particular, didn’t behave quite in the way I originally planned!

It’s hard to say goodbye to the couples I’ve invested so much time in, especially as I wrote these three stories during lockdown at a time when all of our worlds were upended but it did help me to lose myself in my fictional world where I could be sure that, no matter what else was going on, there would definitely be a happy ending. I hope reading romance has given you some sort of escape from reality as well.

But—me being me—we might not have to say goodbye to the Tregowan heiresses forever because the stories are set within my wider Regency world and, if you’ve read all three, you might have noticed some old friends making a brief appearance. So, in future, who knows? We may meet our three couples again.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy The Penniless Debutante and the way I have wrapped up the series.


And here is the back cover copy –

Almost destitute

When she inherits a fortune!

The will that sees Aurelia Croome become wealthy forbids her from marrying the new Lord Tregowan. That wouldn’t be a concern if the only man to catch Aurelia’s eye during her first Season wasn’t Maximillian Penrose— Lord Tregowan! Why is it that no one else has Max’s honour, wit or tantalizing good looks? The spectre of being poor again haunts her—but the thought of sacrificing passion for comfort is just as terrifying!

Praise for The Penniless Debutante –

“I loved this book. Max (the current Lord Tregowan) stole my heart right from the beginning… Aurelia is a very strong character and a wonderful heroine…” – Jan, Goodreads

“Perfect escapism from a troubled world, I kept sneaking off to read more.” – CrystalRainbow, Goodreads

“Aurelia had a strong and spirited personality which in turn made her such a likeable heroine… I thought Janice Preston did a wonderful job of drawing out Max’s personality. At first glance he appeared to be one thing however it soon becomes clear that there is much more to him, which I loved.” – Rae Reads Book Blog

“A gorgeous Regency romance that was a fitting finale to a glorious trilogy.” – Kraftireader, WordPress

“Ms Preston’s characters are always well-drawn and those in The Penniless Debutante are no exception. I adore her writing, it is always top-notch and this book wraps up the trilogy perfectly.” –  Jan, Goodreads