Return of Scandal’s Son

‘This was an excellent Regency’ – Amazon Reader

Scandal comes courting!

Return of Scandal’s Son is the first of two linked books being published under the tagline Men About Town, Traders in Temptation, with the second book, Saved by Scandal’s Heir, due out in the first half of 2016.

Eleanor, Baroness Ashby, is a rarity: a peeress in her own right. I really enjoyed writing about Eleanor – she is loyal, courageous and independent but her outer confidence masks a deep insecurity at her core. She is also impulsive at times, and I knew she needed a resilient hero. Enter Matthew:  strong and honourable, but with a secret in his past that could easily damage Eleanor’s determination to be fully accepted by Society.

I thought it would be fun to see how a proud man like Matthew would cope with falling for a woman who is not only wealthier but also higher-ranking than him.

Here is the back cover blurb:

“Caught in a coach accident, Eleanor, Lady Ashby, seeks help from a mysterious stranger. But the dashing Matthew Thomas is not all he seems. And when it appears someone is trying to hurt her, Eleanor doesn’t know who to trust.

Disowned by his family, Matthew is living under as assumed name. Falling under Eleanor’s spell, he is determined to protect her. It’s time for Matthew to return home and confront his scandalous past, if Eleanor is to be part of his future…”

If you have read Mary and the Marquis you might like to know that Eleanor is the cousin of Lucas, Marquis of Rothley. Lucas’s mother, Lucy, is Eleanor’s chaperone, and his younger brother, Lord Hugo Alastair, also makes an appearance.

Praise for Return of Scandal’s Son from Amazon readers –

‘I’m now looking forward to the second of the Men about Town series.’

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the story, which has an unusual heroine who is a lady in her own right.’

‘As in her other two books, the author has created a totally believable world’

‘The underlying mystery gave a touch of intrigue, and the resolution of that was done very well.’

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