Regency Christmas Wishes

Awakening His Sleeping Beauty

This was my first attempt at writing a novella (around one third of the length of my usual books) and, of course, just to make life difficult I decided the hero, Aaron, would be the eldest of a family of seven! I usually have problems keeping within the wordcount for my full length novels so quite how I thought I could wrangle so many characters into one novella I don’t know! But once the idea took hold – the heroine, Diana, a quiet only child with difficult parents and the contrast with Aaron’s large, boisterous family – I couldn’t let it go. And, if I say so myself, I’m pretty pleased with the result.

Regency Christmas Wishes

I love the cover and, because the models closely resemble Aaron and Diana, I like to think it depicts them! Isn’t her red velvet gown to die for?

And here is the blurb:

Lonely Diana Fleming knows handsome knights don’t really exist. But can a festive kiss from the man she loves reawaken her frozen heart?

I’ve already had readers asking if Aaron’s brothers and sisters will get their own stories and maybe one day they will.

The other two stories in Regency Christmas Wishes are Captain Grey’s Christmas Proposal by Carla Kelly and Her Christmas Temptation by Christine Merrill, both of them wonderful, romantic Christmas tales.

The blurb for Carla’s novella is – Captain Grey was fighting malarial fever in Savannah when he met Theodora Winnings. He proposed by letter – but it’s taken ten years for him to recive her reply. The answer is, ‘Yes!’ but is she still free to become his Christmas bride?

And the blurb for Christine’s is – Faith Strickland’s plan to marry in order to save her family backfires when notorious rake James Leggett sets out to break her unhappy engagement. He’ll storm her Twelfth Night celebrations and scorch her into surrender!