Saved by Scandal’s Heir

‘Sensuous, emotional and impossible to resist’ – Amazon Reader

Can he awaken dreams she thought lost forever…?

Saved by Scandal’s Heir is the second of two linked books (Men About Town, Traders in Temptation), the first of which was Return of Scandal’s Son (October 2015). This is, however, a standalone title and it’s not necessary to have read the first book in order to enjoy the second.

Benedict Poole, hero of Saved by Scandal’s Heir, is the friend and business partner of Matthew Damerel, hero of Return of Scandal’s Son, and both Matthew and his new wife, Eleanor, appear in this book. You might be interested to note that, as a peeress in her own right, Eleanor has not become Mrs Damerel but retains her title of Lady Ashby.

The heroine of Saved by Scandal’s Heir is Harriet, Lady Brierley, who first appeared in From Wallflower to Countess (April 2015) as the hero’s former mistress. The hero and heroine of Wallflower (Richard, Lord Stanton, and his wife, Felicity) also appear in this book.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing about the dire predicament Harriet finds herself in following Benedict’s reappearance in her life and had enormous fun revisiting old friends from my previous books.

Here is the back cover blurb:

“Harriet, Lady Brierley, is a respectable widow, determined to keep the secrets of her broken heart deeply buried. But when Benedict Poole – the very man who deserted her – returns, Harriet’s safe world threatens to unravel.

Believing Harriet left him for a wealthy lord, Benedict must fight to uncover the true consequence and tragedy of their affair years before. But with his family’s name now synonymous with scandal, can he hope to win back the trust of the woman he has always loved?”

 More Praise for Saved By Scandal’s Heir from Amazon readers:

‘…sure to delight fans of Mary Balogh and Jo Beverley’

This book was gripping from start to finish’. 

‘I love the world she’s created in all her books’

‘Reading it was an emotional rollercoaster with a VERY happy ending’

 ‘…a searingly emotional historical romance written with great depth, sensitivity and compassion’ 

I loved catching up with characters and learning of their lives as they have moved on. One feels like they have become friends. I do hope this trend continues’