The Cinderella Heiress

“Like the first book, it is beautifully written, well researched, entertaining and compelling.” –  Hilary Mackelden

The Cinderella Heiress is book 2 of the Lady Tregowan’s Will mini-series, but it is a standalone read – as are all my books.

Here are both the Mills & Boon and Harlequin covers – I love that the Harlequin version shows more of Beatrice’s lovely gown!

A theme I often return to in my novels is the plight of women in the Regency era. So-called ‘gently born’ females who failed to marry faced unenviable challenges in a society where a woman’s identity was determined by her marital status. There were only two choices in life open to such women—find a job to support herself (and the options for ladies were extremely limited if they wished to remain both acceptable and respectable), or live in the house of a relative.

In the first book of the trilogy Lady Tregowan’s Will (The Rags-to-Riches Governess), heroine Leah—who was fortunately well-educated—became a governess after being left alone in the world when her father died. In The Cinderella Heiress, heroine Beatrice is that most unenviable of creatures, the poor relation, thrown on the charity of her brother and his wife after the death of her father. Beatrice’s life is typical of many spinsters who had no choice but to rely on the mercy of their relatives and who were expected to make themselves endlessly (and often thanklessly) useful within the household. And all too many, like Beatrice, would still be considered spongers and a burden no matter how hard they might work.

I just knew I would thoroughly enjoy taking Beatrice on her journey from put-upon drudge to confident heiress but, quite unexpectedly, I fell completely under the spell of hero Jack—recovering from a life-changing injury at Waterloo—from the moment he appeared on the page. Together, I think they make a wonderful couple, and I hope you will agree!


And here is the back cover copy –

She’s inherited a fortune

But will she realize her true worth?

Claiming her inheritance in London will help Beatrice Fothergill escape her bullying, belittling half brother. When her carriage overturns, dashing Waterloo soldier Jack Kingswood comes to her aid—setting her pulse racing! In return, believing her new fortune can help the injured veteran rebuild his life, Beatrice proposes a convenient marriage. But is this all she can offer— or dare Beatrice believe she’s worthy of more?

Praise for The Cinderella Heiress –

“I felt so sorry for Beatrice at the beginning. Her growth in this story is wonderful to watch.” – Jan, Goodreads

“I ended up sitting into the wee hours, rubbing sleep from my eyes and enlarging the font on my ereader so I could continue.” – Hilary, Goodreads

“I devoured this book… I didn’t want it to finish.” – Morton, Goodreads

“Gosh, I’m loving this series. The characters are so engaging…” – Cheryl, Goodreads

“This second book in the trilogy was equally as good as the first and I am sure the next one will be just as good. I won’t want their stories to end!” – AnnMarie, Goodreads